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Autism Voices Film Wins Prestigious Award

What we offer


We provide inspirational and informative workshops for people involved in the autistic community.


Presenting to large groups at universities, schools and conferences.


One-to-one support from mentors and counsellors with first-hand experience of building empathetic connections with autistic individuals.


Creative projects that help to give a voice to autistic individuals.

We are a passionate about supporting and empowering people involved in the autistic community

Act for Autism 3Cs

This short feature, “So Much to Say: A Speller’s Story”, tells the tale of George Bond, a 16-year-old who is a non-speaking autistic and has recently found his voice through a process called Spelling to Communicate (S2C)™.

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator, professional, or simply an individual with an inquisitive mind, this film is a must-watch. It will empower you with knowledge and inspire you to make a positive impact on the lives of non-speaking individuals.

If you are interested in George’s story and want to watch more, we would love for you to join us at our in-person UK screening of SPELLERS the Movie, a documentary detailing the remarkable journey of several non-speaking autistic individuals who use Spelling to Communicate. This will be followed by an interactive Q&A session featuring researchers from the University of Cambridge, non-speaking spellers, and an experienced S2C™ practitioner from the U.S.

Tickets can be reserved here:

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@actforautism_ is delighted to extend an invitation to our free screening of the award-winning film ‘SPELLERS The Movie’ (@spellersthemovie ) This captivating film showcases the extraordinary journey undertaken by non-speaking autistic individuals, who employ letter boards to “find their voice” and communicate.

The evening will include an interactive Q&A session, providing you with the opportunity to pose your questions to our panel consisting of researchers from the University of Cambridge, non-speaking spellers, and an experienced S2C ™ practitioner from the U.S.

Given the demand and limited number of tickets for this event, please only sign up if you can attend in person: The link is also in our Instagram biography.

If you would like to find out more information about this remarkable form of communication before attending the movie, please refer to the following links:

Movie Trailer -
An explanation of S2C ™ by Elizabeth Vosseller -

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Our founder, Tessa, and expert by experience, Jordan, discussing the 3C Pathway at the @autismshow in Birmingham today. 🌟

Curious about what the 3C Pathway entails? 🤔 You can find out more in our book, 'Connecting & Communicating with Your Autistic Child'📚. Copies are available on Amazon using the link in our Instagram stories (

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Please share with families and professionals in the Warks/Cov area. This great new service is now up and running. So proud to be involved in the partnership with @autismwestmids and ...

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What our clients say…

The 3 c pathway has made all the difference to my relationship with my child, thanks you act for Autism.


I think this training should be compulsory for all professionals and organisations who come in contact with children and adults with autism. thank you I loved the way you did activities aswell

Excellent workshop. I could be trained/coached by Tessa and Jayne all day long. They are both very engaging and makes you want to listen

Tessa and Jane have been absolutely brilliant. Their passion towards improving experiences for children with Autism is inspiring in itself and from the beginning you feel their passion and wealth of knowledge. Whilst working in challenging times with it all being virtual, it was still extremely helpful saving and I will definitely be recommending to people. Thank you so much.

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