We deliver seminars to Teacher Training colleges, Conferences and large scale events to build awareness of autism and to introduce the 3C pathway. Seminars can cover a  range of topics including :
  • The 3 C pathway a relational approach to supporting autistic students in School
  • Parenting the 3 C Pathway way
  • The Sensory Reality of autistic children
  • How history has marred our understanding of Autism
  • Reframing Autism.
We have presented at the Autism shows 2017, 2018, 2019 National autistic Societies Professionals Conference 2019 And numerous school conferences live and now on Zoom.
Our seminars are interactive and engaging and offer the audience an insight into the lived experience of autistic students via films we have produced ad kinaesthetic exercises.
Our coaching programmes are delivered by qualified mentors and counsellors and depending on need we offer 1:1 sessions for autistic individuals,  their families and carers.  These sessions are person centred and put autism at the centre the support. We believe that support can only be effective if  the person’s autism is fully appreciated and understood.


Presenting to large groups at universities, schools and conferences. Helping to understand the sensory world and challenges that the environment can create for autistic individuals.

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