Connections Workshop for professionals

A full day workshop for professionals supporting autistic children. Designed and delivered bespoke for Arden Care Partnership. For details of how we can deliver to your organisation please contact us.

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The Connections Workshop

The Connections Workshop aims to enable teachers to increase their awareness of the sensory experience of a child with autism. As well as providing exciting new strategies that really make a difference for both the teacher and the pupil.

Workshop Options

Option 1Option 2
The Connections Workshop
2 hour session: £400
(max 20 teachers)
3 Workshops in a Day
3x2 hour sessions: £1000
(am, pm, twilight)
Option 3Option 4
Whole School
Assembly + 3x2 hour sessions: £1200

4x½ day sessions: £3000

Parenting Workshops

We provide inspirational and informative workshops for parents and guardians of children with autism.