Workshops can be delivered to Schools, workplaces, charities, parent groups. At the moment all workshops are delivered on Zoom and we can accommodate up to 30. Our recent commissions include delivering our 1 day interactive Connections Workshops to all healthcare professionals across Coventry and Warks and all healthcare professionals working for Wolverhampton CC. Feedback has  been 100% positive with all 500 attendees thus far saying they would recommend the workshop to a colleague. Workshops are facilitated by professionals, parents and autistic advocates, all part of the Act for Autism Team. All workshops include the 3 C Pathway.  A relational approach to supporting children and young people on the autistic spectrum. 


Understanding Autism Training

Free 30 min interactive online Understanding Autism training, for parents and professionals.

One of the best courses I have done and very relevant to my job as an LSA. I have a better understanding of being a child/adult with Autism and have acquired some excellent strategies to prevent and deal with a child from becoming anxious, aggressive, defiant and withdrawn.
Thank you

“Clear, concise and informative.”

“Use of audio-visual elements enabled me to empathize with people with autism. Very disturbing but in a good way!”


“Very informative!”

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I now feel so much more confident to support the autistic child in my class, I realise it was my ignorance that was part of the problem …
Thank you from both of us

Once you have completed the online course you can speak to us about our 2-hour Connections Masterclass. An interactive tutor led workshop on Zoom/Teams.

For only £500.00 we can accommodate up to 25 staff. Our professional team will guide you through the challenge’s autistic pupils face and how to help these children thrive using the 3 C Pathway.

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Our Connections training is now available online as a webinar and as Live training on ZOOM.

We have 2 versions:

For parent and carers

A 2-hour session online to include:

  • Autism in context
  • Autism from a sensory perspective
  • Autism and anxiety
  • The 3 C Pathway – A relationship based intervention that all the family can support.

For teachers and professionals

A 2-hour session online to include:

  • Autism in context
  • Autism from a sensory perspective
  • Autism and anxiety
  • The 3 C Pathway- a relationship based intervention that supports you and the child working better together.

The Connections webinar is a downloadable resource that is pre-recorded.
The Connections Zoom workshop is a live event with invited attendees encouraged to interact with the workshop leader.

Connections Workshop for professionals

A full day workshop for professionals supporting autistic children. Designed and delivered bespoke for Arden Care Partnership. For details of how we can deliver to your organisation please contact us.

Powerpoint Presentation

The Connections Workshop

The Connections Workshop aims to enable teachers to increase their awareness of the sensory experience of an autistic child. As well as providing exciting new strategies that really make a difference for both the teacher and the pupil.

Workshop Options

Option 1Option 2
The Connections Workshop
2 hour session: £400
(max 20 teachers)
3 Workshops in a Day
3x2 hour sessions: £1000
(am, pm, twilight)
Option 3Option 4
Whole School
Assembly + 3x2 hour sessions: £1200

4x½ day sessions: £3000

Parenting Workshops

We provide inspirational and informative workshops for parents and guardians of autistic children.