act for autism is a social enterprise that provides unique insights about autism via specialist workshops and coaching for parents, carers and teachers, autistic children and young adults

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What we offer


We provide inspirational and informative workshops for people involved with autism.


Presenting to large groups at universities, schools and conferences.


One-to-one support from mentors and counsellors with first-hand experience of building empathetic connections with autistic individuals.


Creative projects that help to give a voice to autistic individuals.

We are a passionate about supporting and empowering people involved with autism


Act for Autism 3Cs

⏰ Less that 48 hours to go until our ‘A Simple Understanding of Autism’ webinar.

Over the years, we have had the honour of working alongside some incredible experts by experience. What we teach you in this free webinar all comes from decades of learning from such experts and lived experiences of parenting an autistic child. We would love to share what we have learnt and experienced with you!

Sign up for free using the link in our bio.

This is the second time we are running this webinar due to high demand and all of your lovely requests (thank you!!) x

Autism is often viewed as a ‘behaviour problem’ which can prohibit the child from making connections. Instead, at Act for Autism, we see Autism as a connection problem that results in protective behaviours. Rather than working on the behaviours, we advocate for building and nurturing better connections. Once those connections are established, the child will feel safe and seen, and the so-called ‘challenging behaviours’ will diminish.

💡 To learn more, we are offering an introductory virtual workshop for parents and carers who want to find out more about autism to help their child thrive.

⏰ Date: Saturday July 10th at 10 AM BST

Webinar ticket link: In our Instagram biography 💜

📸 Picture perfect

💜 Thank you to Olivia, one of our webinar attendees, who sent in this lovely photo of her brother George. In the photo, you can see George pausing, breathing and taking in his surroundings while on an afternoon walk. Olivia told us: "Before attending the 3C pathway webinar, I would never have considered stopping and taking my time on a walk. I'm always so focused on getting from A to B and constantly encouraging George to walk and keep pace with everyone else. But as Jane mentioned in the '3C Pathway' webinar, connecting with my brother doesn't just mean emphatically connecting with him, but can also be as simple as sitting alongside him, sharing a moment and going at his speed. After we spent 30 minutes by this stream just relaxing and lying side-by-side, he was instantly calmer, and so was I. Thank you, Jane and Tess, we will be doing this a lot more now".

🧑‍💻 If you missed our 3C Pathway webinar, we are hosting it again on Monday 19th July. Ticket link is in our Instagram biography.

Did you miss our two recent webinars? No need to worry! After all of your lovely feedback and requests, we have decided to re-run the series this July.

You can sign up for free using the link in our Instagram biography.

Here are the details:

1.) A Simple Understanding of Autism
Date: Saturday 10th July, 10 AM BST

2.) 3C Pathway: How to connect, calm and communication with your child.
Date: Monday 19th July, 8 PM BST

What our clients say…

The 3 c pathway has made all the difference to my relationship with my child, thanks you act for Autism.


I think this training should be compulsory for all professionals and organisations who come in contact with children and adults with autism. thank you I loved the way you did activities aswell

Excellent workshop. I could be trained/coached by Tessa and Jayne all day long. They are both very engaging and makes you want to listen

Tessa and Jane have been absolutely brilliant. Their passion towards improving experiences for children with Autism is inspiring in itself and from the beginning you feel their passion and wealth of knowledge. Whilst working in challenging times with it all being virtual, it was still extremely helpful saving and I will definitely be recommending to people. Thank you so much.

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