Autism Voices #1

Autism Voices #2 

Autism Voices #2 the second film in the series Autism Voices. Devised and featuring 12 young autistics. Premiered 1st July 2019.

An Autistic Brain

Young Autistic’s demystify neurology and explain in simple terms what might be going on in their brain. #AskUs

An Artistic Brain

Autistic advocates use art to express how their wonderful brains feel on a day to day basis. A fascinating insight. #AskUs

Feedback from the UK premiere

Feedback from the US premiere

Autism Voices Wins Prestigious Award

Act for Autism’s first film, Autism Voices has been successful in winning a prestigious award at the Golden Door Film Festival in New Jersey.

The producer Joy went to collect the award and was overwhelmed by the response. Well done cast and here’s to the next film project in 2019!

Act for autism in collaboration with Warwickshire County Council, Andersen Shelter Productions and 12 autistic students have made their first film Autism Voices which was aired to a large audience in Warwick in July 2018. It will be available to all schools in Warwickshire via the WCC website.

Some of our team above celebrating at the premiere of Autism Voices.


We provide inspirational and informative workshops for people involved with autism.


Presenting to large groups at universities, schools and conferences.


One-to-one support from mentors and counsellors with first-hand experience of building empathetic connections with autistic individuals.


Creative projects that help to give a voice to autistic individuals.


Share our films and let’s spread awareness. #askus #tilleveryoneunderstands